Albi the baby Albatross

Albi the baby Albatross



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Albatross First Flight (Rare Footage)
All songs written by Sean Dean
Produced by Michael SenaAlbatross “Albi-Yadi of Hale Mana” takes to the air for the first time of his young life. He will be in flight for 3-4 years before returning to this very site to mate. Some people have waited a lifetime to see this, so here it is!Special thanks to Sean Dean for allowing us to use his beautiful music from the album Follow Your Feeling

PS: Their original soundtrack was the song Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd …which was really good, but they decided at the last minute to use original songs written and performed by their friend and long time Kauai resident Sean Dean (who also put in all the hardwood floors in the house).  It’s so much better.



This video shows the sweet baby Albatross we met at the home we stayed at in Kauai.  His name was Albi and we watched him grow and try to spread his wings.  His parents would come and feed him once a week.  These birds are endangered so this was a rare occurrence to be able to witness this.  Every morning we got up, we would go out and check on Albi and see how he was doing – he was not afraid of us and just looked at us and played in the sprinklers and wandered around his nest.

Since we are home now, he is a symbol of the special times that we shared together as a family – these times are special and few and far between, just as the sighting of an Albatross baby.  Please watch this video, it is amazing!!